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The Addmore people have not been shaped by agency experience. We looked at the way traditional agencies work and quickly realized that it is no longer a fit with today’s market dynamics.

Meet our founders

Together with our team we created the methodology, and we built out the multidisciplinary teams that would let us move fast and deliver results every week.
++ Founder // Digital experience strategist
++ Co-Owner // Project Manager
Addmore became the digital studio based on agility and responsiveness to the process. Our project scoping is always geared towards

Behind the scenes

This is how
we work
Delivered by Friday

Today’s clients need results quickly. That’s why we don’t take big briefs and run out of scope due to overhead costs. It keeps our teams focused on what matters most for your company by Friday.

Not shaped by agencies

By abandoning conventional tools and the way traditional agencies work, we created the addmore way of working. We built a multidisciplinary team that lets us move fast and deliver results every week.

Sprint based

Sprints are at the heart of the agile methodology: they are short-time-boxed periods where dedicated teams completes a set amount of work. With sprints, teams can ship better products with minimum hassle.

Dynamic and flexible

Our dynamic and flexible work environment allows us to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the industry and find creative solutions to challenges.

From idea to shaped experience

We are a full-service team that can handle every aspect of your project, from A to Z. With a diverse range of skills and expertise, we can tackle any challenge and deliver exceptional results.

We don't take briefs

You read that right: we don't take briefs. This lets our creative freedom bring in more value to any project without being limited to a single word document. 

Is your agency delivering too slow?
Stuck in your Wordpress theme?
A way forward after a stalled project?

Frequently asked questions

What makes you different from a traditional agency?

The addmore way of working is not something you will find at traditional agencies. We have not been shaped by agency experience and developed our own methodology. Every step of our process is optimized to reach practical, usable results in the shortest amount of time needed.

We already work with an agency. Now what?

Great! Working in week-long sprints means that we can easily collaborate in parrallel with your agency. 

What are sprints and why do you work that way?

Sprints are at the heart of the agile methodology: they are short-time-boxed periods of time when a dedicated team completes a set amount of work. They break down big-complex projects into manageable, bite-sized pieces. With sprints, teams can ship better products with minimum hassle.

Are you a technical or a creative studio?

We actually are both. Hybrid designers, developers and marketers compile our multidisciplinary team ready to start a sprint with. From creative concept to shippable and integrated digital experience. 

What if my sprint takes longer than expected?

If all decision makers are participating in our check-ins, we make sure everything is delivered and approved within a set time frame. We do need your active participation upfront to meet any desired outcomes. Of course sometimes things get stalled due to circumstances, but this is something we evaluate every Friday.

How do you handle ongoing support?

Every sprint comes with 16 ++ addmore tokens. This makes sure any after launch support will be availabe on any of your sprints. 

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