branding sprint for café crustacé - fancy chic meets rock-'n-roll


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about the project

Café Crustacé is a unique dining experience which offers fresh sea food, delivered straight from the North Sea to your dinner plate. They approached us to help them create a stand-out brand identity which differs from the vast market of sea food restaurants.

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fancy chic meets rock-'n-roll

The origin of the logo comes from the Latin name ‘crustacea’, which means crustaceans (‘Kreeftachtigen’ for the Dutch speaking people).

The little charming crab contains 3 hidden C’s, which is a direct reference to the name of the restaurant: Café CrustaCé

Furthermore, we went for atypical colors, trying to avoid typical everyday blue / red tones. In short, We chose colors based on how we like our food: Spicy.

about the project