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Dripl knows how to combine delicious, healthy, ecological and compact like no other with their flavor infused water vending machines. To help them create nationwide impact, we built a website which concentrates on B2B-sales.

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a website which helped create positive impact

Building a website from A to Z for Dripl allowed us to go all the way with our UX and UI designs to convince visitors to make the eco-friendly step towards a better and greener workspace, as well as working on and improving the health of their employees.

To help us translate our designs into actual webpages, we built and constructed the Dripl website in WordPress. Through this no-code open source CMS, we implemented eye-catching content and a built-in chat function to serve the client’s needs.

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from one start-up to another, we connected through sheer passion, motivation and ambition to help and see eachother grow from day to day — nothing beats the feeling of mutual success

robin waroquier = project manager

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design sprint

A website doesn't magically grow on virtual trees (fortunately for us). From our point of view, a website is something you have to build from the ground up and nourish like a flower in bloom. And so we did.

To kick things off, we started working on designs in Adobe XD. For us, it is important to keep our clients up-to-date throughout the project, so we meet them on a regular basis for feedback and input of their own vision and ideas, which goes a little something like this:

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Once the designs are done, we can start working on building the actual website in a welcoming interactive virtual environment which allows us to integrate the client’s wishes and needs. In this case we opted for WordPress, which suited our requirements perfectly.

wordpress sprint

Working on development is a straight forward task and, depending on the size of the project, can be done by one person. To keep you in the loop about our progress, we’ll assign this team member as your person of contact to provide you with regular updates.

dripl wordpress sprint week 3
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involving our clients in the process, keeping them up-to-date with our progress and seeing their eyes light up when the project is finished and finessed is the magic that keeps us going on a daily basis.
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