sprinting the extra mile for just bite who were in transition with their rebrand — extending their design team with a snappy deadline


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As just bite was scaling up - their rebrand launch needed to be up and running as soon as possible. They’ve extended their design team with a ++ user experience designer that empowered them to meet their deadline.

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extending their digital team by designing converting major e-commerce pages in just three days

we’ve designed important e-commerce pages which were aligned with their rebrand - empowering their team for three days and meeting their requirements at their speed.

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working as a small and devoted team made it possible to explore all the usability and designs this website needed - resulting in fast-paced interaction and rapid delivery

robin waroquier = project manager

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A snappy deadline never killed anybody - within three days we designed a set of main e-commerce pages as well as content pages, enriching the shopping experience.

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involving our clients in the process, keeping them up-to-date with our progress and seeing their eyes light up when the project is finished and finessed is the magic that keeps us going
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