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Just Russel is the epitome of connection between product, the customer and their beloved pet. The company is all about user experience, accessibility and easily understood storytelling which speaks to every dog or cat owner’s heart.

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the ux walhalla for cat and dog lovers

Just Russel ensures that your pet gets the best, and wants to express their passion and determination for the mission to make your pet healthier too.

To translate this motto into an actual website, storytelling had to be at the center of the project. Lengthy brainstorming sessions, in-depth discussions about user-friendliness and well prepared meetings with the client were the steps that enabled us to build an optimized UX-website from the ground up, with the necessary playful elements added to every page as icing on the cake.

about the project

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robin waroquier = project manager

keeping a healthy balance between playful and professional looking parts throughout the site was the key element to this project - to maintain this balance, we counted on our own experience and just russel’s clear guidelines
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design sprint

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are designs. To accomplish what we'd planned for Just Russel, we counted on our creativity, regular team meetings and infinitely expanding experience to transform wild ideas into concrete visual results.

To get these results, we worked in Adobe XD, which seamlessly allowed us to create a desirable outcome, as well as to keep the client in the loop about our visual progress.

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Designing and realizing an idea as disparate visual elements is one thing, bringing it to life in an interactive environment is another. We worked with WordPress and its accessible and user-friendly plugins to achieve the desired results and to give Just Russel the option of making their own simple adjustments to the website if needed.

development sprint

User-friendliness is important to us, for both the visitor and the client.

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patrice en aaron addmore
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our service

by giving each member of the team a clear role, as well as assigning a single point of contact, we guaranteed faster and more desirable results through disciplined time management and organisation

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