building a vintage hip, tasteful branding from scratch for papito


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Papito is a fast food chain where you can go for a quick bite. Target audience? The youngsters. Throughout the use of bright colors, expressive big eyes and rounded shapes, we came up with a vintage hip and salivating Papito character.

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When Papito came to us for a branding and naming for their new street-food business we immediately had a vision in mind.

That's how we came up with the name 'Papito' translated 'dad'.

Papito had to be an accessible, cheerful character that makes you completely salivating. Where some other people experience a feeling of heaviness from red, we created a bright, tasteful eye catching branding.

We took inspiration from the earlier 'rubber hose' animation style. Fun fact: This was the first animation style to be standardized in the American animation world.

With the big eyes and round shapes, we created a vintage hip and recognizable logo that we carried through the whole branding. 

about the project