The brand sprint creates the foundation for your visual identity

//  A complete and ready-to-use brand book with detailed brand identity guidelines

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This sprint focuses on your brand. We’ll start with what is available today. After examining what works and what does not work for you today, we deliver new insights into the brand and make suggestions for updates and improvements. Our resident designers take it from there and create the brand guide that will be the basis for your visual identity.

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Your branding should not hold back your go-to-market initiatives. Most of the tech clients we work with are in need of a rebranding to fit today’s market dynamics. In just one week we are able to research, design and validate a brand book by Friday.

(Re)branding your visual identity

We ship every Friday

A validated brand book within a week
Social media design system your product and marketing team can start working with
Art direction to speed up your go-to-market initiatives

Your decision makers availability

Workshop on Monday
Check-in meetings on Tuesday and Thursday
Presentation to shareholders on Friday

Your brand book validated by Friday

Branding workshop


On the first day of the brand sprint, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your current brand identity by creating a summary of all elements of the existing brand elements. Through a structured workshop together with your team, we will work towards developing a new or refreshed brand identity within a single day. This will serve as the foundation for following days.



We'll immediately start working with all the information we've collected during the workshop on day one.  At the end of the day, we will conduct a review of the progress with all relevant parties. During this check-in, everyone will have the opportunity to offer specific feedback so we can make adjustments where needed.

Full focus


Today, our focus will be entirely dedicated to the brand. Our brand designer will take into account the feedback received during the initial check-in and will make a comprehensive initial brand proposal.



After an updated brand proposal has been presented by our brand designer, there will be an opportunity to offer feedback as needed. This approach guarantees that everyone has had a chance to voice their opinions and that all parties are content with the direction in which we are moving.

Sprint report


Today marks a significant milestone. With great pride, we will unveil the final outcome to all relevant parties, which includes a comprehensive and practical Brand Book complete with detailed brand identity guidelines. We will also evaluate potential next steps for our collaboration.

Ready to tackle your sprint?

Day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5

Success stories

A list of our success stories we’re proud to show. Curious what yours will look like?



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Branding and go-to-market Birdseye in




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Your brand
should be telling your story, but is it though?

The brand sprint creates the foundation for your visual identity.


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Frequently asked questions

What makes you different from a traditional agency?

The addmore way of working is not something you will find at traditional agencies. We have not been shaped by agency experience and developed our own methodology. Every step of our process is optimized to reach practical, usable results in the shortest amount of time needed.

We already work with an agency. Now what?

Great! Working in week-long sprints means that we can easily collaborate in parrallel with your agency. 

What are sprints and why do you work that way?

Sprints are at the heart of the agile methodology: they are short-time-boxed periods of time when a dedicated team completes a set amount of work. They break down big-complex projects into manageable, bite-sized pieces. With sprints, teams can ship better products with minimum hassle.

Are you a technical or a creative studio?

We actually are both. Hybrid designers, developers and marketers compile our multidisciplinary team ready to start a sprint with. From creative concept to shippable and integrated digital experience. 

What if my sprint takes longer than expected?

If all decision makers are participating in our check-ins, we make sure everything is delivered and approved within a set time frame. We do need your active participation upfront to meet any desired outcomes. Of course sometimes things get stalled due to circumstances, but this is something we evaluate every Friday.

How do you handle ongoing support?

Every sprint comes with 16 ++ addmore tokens. This makes sure any after launch support will be availabe on any of your sprints. 

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