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Addmore is not your traditional agency. We empower fast-growing tech companies in their go-to-market, working in week-long sprints to deliver every Friday. This lets us take on projects of any size and complexity, without your time-to-market to get in the way.

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we work agile

Our way of working keeps us focused on what matters most to our customers: shaped experiences and products at short notice.



As a first step which is key to the project as a whole, it is vital to sit down and sketch out a blueprint together.  

During this sit-down, we’ll brainstorm and talk about requirements, needs, wishes, pain points, pitfalls, and much more. This is to make sure we’re on the same level and share the same vision concerning deadlines, as well as to confirm that we can make a suitable offer.

addmore initiation



Laying the foundations

To make your project succeed, we have to make sure the project planning is on point. The more detail we put into it, the more desirable the eventual results will be. We can and we will help you lay out the most vital foundations to the project, and set out the required goals and milestones with you beforehand. 

As a newly formed team, we’ll work out the resource planning according to your wishes, and will make sure we assign the right task to the right person accordingly. A plan is still just a plan, so along the road we’ll provide constant updates about remaining resources and the required funding for each level of the project.

addmore foundations



Time for action

And FINALLY, after all those preparations: le moment suprême. We’ll start off by researching the market and putting together quick designs which we’ll discuss and improve as a well-oiled team before we present these babies to you. During this meeting with you, we’ll also write down all your wishes and needs, translating your comments into the desired results later on in the process.

Don’t be shy. Let us know what you think and feel about the project. The more information you can give us, the better the work that we’ll be able to deliver to you.

addmore action



Updates and results

For the duration of the entire project we’ll keep you completely in the loop regarding both the progress and the results. Since we involve you as a client and as a part of the team, it is vital to us to know and understand your train of thought during every step towards the end results.

This to ensure the delivered work is up to expectations and matches the ideas you had in mind.

addmore updates and results


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